Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keine Besucher

An amusing article from 2003 about one man's quest to track down KlingKlang, Kraftwerk's famously mysterious recording studio. Wikipedia seems to have a picture and the address...

Monday, April 14, 2008


Howard Stern's on vacation this week so I have some extra listening time. I decided to start dealing with my major backlog of Met broadcasts recorded off SIRIUS's Met Opera channel. So every day this week will be at least one opera. I've already finished today's: last Saturday's The Gambler. Tomorrow will be a Billy Budd from 1997, Wednesday an Il trovatore from 1989, Thursday a Siegfried from 2004 and Friday a Der Rosenkavalier from 1946.

Thinking about Prokofiev lead me to wonder why we don't keep the Russian names for the operas. We know the operas as The Gambler, War and Peace, Betrothal in a Monastery, etc. Why not the transliterated Russian equivalent? Then I discovered what The Gambler in Russian ends up as when transliterated: Igrok. Let's stick with the English...