Thursday, October 1, 2009

Up For The Download

Mahler 6 Mania continues. I've been listening to it repeatedly for the last week or so. I've finally gotten into buying music downloads as opposed to buying the music on CD and have been using iTunes exclusively. I got the Tilson Thomas and Fischer 6ths first, then a few days later got the Kubelik live performance and Zinman's (for $3.99!). I wanted to get some of the commonly-recommended versions and decided to give Pierre Boulez's version a try. Not finding it on iTunes, I went to the Universal Classics page and went to Deutsche Grammophon's webshop. I found the album there and made the purchase.

I then learned that I shouldn't complain too loudly about the iTunes store. Whatever problems it has, when you buy something, it downloads FAST. Trying to download the Boulez album from DG was a trial. I literally had to start and re-start the download 8 or 9 times (on two different machines) before I finally got the files. What takes a few minutes in iTunes took around an hour from the webshop.

I'm looking forward to being able to make purchases from (it's currently UK-only) as they offer albums from the big 3 (Decca, DG, Philips) as well as other labels. So the download situation for classical is slowly getting better. Which is dangerous for my collectoritis. Before this Mahler binge, I don't think I ever bought multiple versions of the same work on the same day.

(The complete Dorati Haydn symphony cycle is on iTunes for $50 which makes it the steal of all centuries. Go there now.)

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