Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Night's Tosca

A stupid technical problem means I missed recording almost all of the first act of last night's Met Tosca. I did get the rest.  The production is controversial - if you're going to finish the second act with no cross and no candles, expect people to get ornery (which they did last night). Here's the NY Times review.

I hate when I screw up recordings like this. It happened last year with one of Mattila's Salomes. I wrote to the Met channel on Sirius asking about replays and they basically said they replay one live presentation from each production during the off-season and maybe that performance will be the one selected. As it turns out, they did replay the one I missed. There are more Tosca broadcasts to come (and the HD simulcast to movie theatres) so I should really calm down.

More Krazy Kovers tomorrow....

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