Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Update

Getting hits from people looking for Barbara Bonney pictures. So here's one - give the people what they want, I always say!

Will probably post about it later, but I've been listening to Mahler's Sixth Symphony a lot lately. I sat down and listened with the score which I haven't done for years. I'd stopped using scores while I listened because I thought I was becoming too reliant on them when learning new pieces. Too much eye, not enough ear.

But using a score again was great. The end of the Sixth is merciless, even on paper. Prior to the final collapse, Mahler gives us one last build up, on E, surely this will resolve to A major - even the key signature is telling us A major. But no, we fall into A minor for the last time and the three sharps in the key signature are torn away. I've gotta move on to something a little more upbeat after this one.

The latest Greatest Classical CD Covers EVER will be posted on Wednesday which should be a regular thing. Especially since Wednesday is Comedy Day on the Internet since The Onion, The Laugh Palace and Scrofula's Toybox all post their updates then.

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