Thursday, August 2, 2007

The iPod Decision

Did some cleaning out of the iPod. It was getting full and I had to make some decisions. The collection isn't even half ripped yet and what I do have won't fit on an iPod. The solution to the problem actually solved another problem as well.

I was finding that making a decision about what to listen to was getting more difficult as more and more stuff appeared on the iPod. I finally realized that I could make a few decisions to focus what was on there a little better. I can have everything ripped and stored in one place at home and walk around with a subset of that. Do I need all the Haydn symphonies and string quartets at the same time? During the day, are the chances I'll listen to a given work all equal? These kinds of questions made me realize that limiting my choice would help diversify the listening as well as save space. So only Symphonies 1-8 and the Op. 20 quartets are on the iPod today. Only one recording of Parsifal (the 1951 Knappertsbusch), only a few volumes of the Beethoven edition, one Don Carlos, only the live King Crimson stuff from 1972-74, only the 1963-68 stuff by Miles Davis, etc.

This has helped. My July listening has been a little more diverse with me hearing a few things for the first time. This kind of approach is probably pretty obvious to a normal person but to a mildly obsessive completist it's a revelation.

(Okay, fine, there are 7 Rings currently on the iPod - most of them were downloaded from the Yahoo opera share group. So sue me. What, I have to have only one of every single thing? Who made you boss of my iPod?)

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Garret said...

Clearly you need another iPod!