Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meistersinger -LIVE (end of Act III)

Cheated! After the opera ended, there were a lot more boos than after Act II but it wasn't dominant. Some I'm sure were saving it for Katharina herself but Bavarian Radio lowered the volume of the feed and the announcer came back on! Foiled! Then the Polish guy came back and he's talking over the Bavarian. I can barely hear the Bayreuth feed - no Katharina yet - then they fade it out completely. Serves me right.

Tannhäuser's tomorrow, but I'll think I'll catch the rest of the festival as it's uploaded to the opera group.

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Liz said...

Best ever live blog of an opera performance! I trust we can expect more in the future.

Are you sure the sound of the typewriter wasn't you, you know, working? Sometimes the sound of a typewriter irritates me while I'm watching the baby, but then a few minutes later, my blog has been updated.