Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meistersinger - LIVE (Act III)

I've only listened to a couple of sections of Act III (Beckmesser's pantomime and I've just joined back in to hear a huge version of "Wacht auf".) On my walk at lunch I got in a foul mood over the proceedings and decided that if all I wanted to hear in Act III was the booing for Katharina Wagner, then that was just negative, life's too short and besides Howard Stern has The World's Strongest Naked Woman contest today and I should be listening to that instead. (My lunchtime walks usually start with me yelling randomly at passing cars for 20 minutes and end with some self-psychotherapy.)

A member of the Opera Share group has promised that he'll be uploading his recordings of the Bayreuth 2007 broadcasts as they're aired (I think he's recording straight off Bavarian Radio with his digital radio setup) so I wasn't as concerned about hearing every note today.

But I got curious to hear how Act III was going so I jumped in at Beckmesser's pantomime, listened for a bit and went back to the Howard Stern on the iPod, and now I've picked up again at Sachs' entrance in the meadow. Beckmesser's currently doing his version of the Prize Song and that means Ted McGinley's up soon.

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