Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today in Cosima Wagner's Diary

Here is the entry for Sunday, June 13, 1875:

"In honor of the barometer, drive to Alexandersbad in a very rough wind. ... R. consults the barometer in the cashier's office, knocks over potted plants, but sees that it has risen. Splendid weather in Alexandersbad, climbed the Luisenburg, not so well suited to us. In the hotel Fidi [Richard and Cosima's 6 year-old son Siegfried] decides to make fireworks for himself and sets fire to the curtain! Great alarm. He speechless, draws attention to the fire by rattling the door, and disappears through the back door; R., changing his clothes, puts out the fire in a state of complete nudity; as he is doing so, something happens which he has so often experienced in dreams: the entire Kurhaus sees the fire from outside and storms in to put it out; R. has trouble withdrawing in his ridiculous state. In good spirits afterward, Fidi surely cured forever of playing with matches, I almost ill with shock. Fidi does not want to sleep in his room any more, thinks it is still burning!"

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