Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She is a monster, your daughter

Salome Watched the Götz Friedrich Salome on DVD over the weekend. It was filmed in 1974 and features Teresa Stratas, Bernd Weikl, Astrid Varnay and was conducted by Karl Böhm. I liked it quite a lot overall. I'd seen this production a few times on video and snapped it up when it finally came out on DVD. Stratas and Böhm are the best things about this production. The Dance of the Seven Veils is only so-so. We're accustomed nowadays to full frontal by the end of the dance and we sadly don't get that here. We do get some very 1974-style backup dancers, though, so all isn't lost.

It's good to see New Bayreuth star Astrid Varnay. She's obviously having a ball chewing up the scenery. I'll definitely be watching this again. But I'm still hoping the Met releases their 2004 Salome with Karita Mattila on DVD. People hit the streets in hysterical joy when it premiered and I know it was filmed...

Oh, and the Stratas Salome had a nice little cameo in it: Dave Foley and Will Ferrell! 1974 saw them both at the height of their vocal powers.


Colby Cosh said...

I'm pretty sure that guy on the left was in Stormwatch-era Jethro Tull.

Jason said...

If you check out the Sinopoli/Malfitano verison, you'll see Jay and Silent Bob during the Dance of the Seven Veils (behind the platform). It becomes more apparent after a few glasses of wine.