Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I did some looking online for a good source for sheet music. While looking around, I made of couple of finds that dramatically improved the quality of my life.

First, the editions of Wagner's operas contained in the critical edition are available in far less expensive versions from Eulenburg. Instead of paying something like $1000 for the new Götterdämmerung, it can now be had for less than $100.

The second is that Strauss's Die ägyptische Helena is finally available in study score. Back in university days, I put a lot of energy into trying to get ahold of the five Strauss opera scores that Boosey & Hawkes hadn't printed as study scores (Guntram, Feuersnot, Helena, Friedenstag, Die Liebe der Danae) through interlibrary loans. There was such a thing as the Internet back then, but searching library catalogs wasn't as effortless as it is now. Plus, I kept finding scores, ordering them in, and collapsing in frustration when yet again they sent the piano/vocal reduction instead of the full orchestral score. A Strauss Stage Works edition was printed years later which featured all 15 operas plus the 3 ballets in study score. I definitely was tempted, but I'd invested in the 10 previously-available study scores already and couldn't really face spending the money and having that much duplication.

But now Helena, at least, is finally available separately. It's been one of my favorite Strauss operas for a long time and I'm really looking forward to digging into it -- I'll finally be able to track the twists and turns of The Omniscient Mussel's leitmotives throughout the score...

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