Monday, June 4, 2007

New Releases

EMI is adding to their mid-price opera reissues series. Massenet's Manon and Werther (both conducted by Pappano) are going on the shopping list. Oh, there's Callas' Giaconda, and Birgit Nilsson as Minnie in Puccini's Fanciulla del West?! Kempe conducting The Bartered Bride with Gottlob Frick? They've gotta stop reissuing stuff...

A couple of finds on iTunes: the Barenboim and Karajan Tristans for roughly $10 each! (Yes, they're the complete recordings.) I still have a preference for a physical CD set over a set of downloaded files, but I am doing all my listening on the iPod, I spend a lot of time ripping discs, and do I really want to pay an extra $40 or $50 for a box and booklet? I'm thinking I'll get over this preference.

Not much listening on the weekend. Beethoven's Op. 101 piano sonata (in the Goode and stereo Kempff recordings) was all I got to on Saturday. I used the playlist feature on the iPod to listen to Goode, then Kempff play each movement in turn. Dead ahead is the Hammerklavier which I'll listen to sometime this week.

Listened to the first half of Black Sabbath's Paranoid on Sunday and finished it on the way into work today. Still love that album. Geezer's bass on "Electric Funeral" caught my attention and I love Tony Iommi's playing. He doubles his guitar a lot, but when it comes time for the solo, instead of doing the regular thing of keeping the doubling guitar in the background to help fill the sound out, Iommi takes the opportunity to double the solo! It's even better when the guitars take different routes through the solo (check out the end of "Iron Man"). He does this to great effect on later albums, but it's interesting to hear it way back on the 2nd album.

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Liz said...

I'm still waiting to see this "shopping list" of yours. It seems like a nebulous creation excusing all kinds of financial mismanagement. How about posting it here? For real, babe. You can devise a cunning hierarchy of urgency, and everything.