Monday, June 25, 2007

Hitler in Bayreuth in Staten Island

Listening to Howard Stern today and Howard or Robin mentioned that a film of Hitler and his pals in Bayreuth had been discovered. Here's the story.

But there's something funny in the article: "Ladziak, now 85 and still living on Staten Island, told Cardamone how he had found them in 1945 in the bombed ruins of the Old Opera House in Bayreuth, the Bavarian hometown of Wagner, who was idolized by Hitler." I had never heard of the Margrave Opera House being bombed in the war and a quick web search turned up nothing. (Wagner's home, Wahnfried, of course, did get hit.) It's definitely in one piece today. So is that an honest mistake or are we dealing with a FORGERY? You can do some crazy stuff with Adobe Premiere these days. The PBS special on September 3 about this better have answers.

Also, if I were a boring Wagner pedant, I'd point out that Bayreuth could hardly be called Wagner's hometown and that it's actually Leipzig. Good thing I'm not one. In any case, I expect the NY Daily News to be bombarded with emails containing the correction.

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Colby Cosh said...

I dunno what search engine you used, but Google sez the Margrave's Opera House has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the specific reason that it survived the war almost totally intact.