Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pleased to meet ya

I took about 8000 music courses during the protracted completion of my BSc. In class once, we were talking about the first time you hear a piece. The professor used the analogy of shaking hands with someone you've just met. He didn't pursue the analogy too far then, but thinking about it now it still seems valid to me. Some people you get a good sense of right away and your impression is confirmed the longer you know them. Others may not interest you as much initially but grow on you and become your best buddy. There are people who'll you'll see staggering down main street and you'll go out of your way to avoid them. Some act like your best fried to your face but as soon as your back's turned they're bad mouthing you to the other people then you confront the person and they totally deny it and you scream at them anyway and you end up with sand in your gas tank and you kick yourself because you knew the person was no good right from the start so you go over to their place and put a cinder block through their car's back window and --

Okay. So anyway, I shook hands with Schumann's First Symphony today. Seems like a pretty good guy.

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