Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Light Weekend

Didn't get much listening done this weekend. Friday night I listened to Karajan conducting Strauss' Metamorphosen which was a pretty cheery way to hit the bricks.

Saturday I picked up the remastered version of Jethro Tull's Songs from the Wood and upon hearing it decided I needed to get the rest of the remasters. The improvement in sound is striking (the original CD releases of Tull's albums were notoriously bad). The one for Aqualung used an LP master for the CD source. From what I understand, when mastering for LP, you have to play with the EQ to keep the volume up since the grooves get smaller the closer you get to the center of the disc. In any event, the Tull albums on CD sounded muddy. Songs from the Wood is now bright and fresh in all its acoustic splendor.

I have a few CDs that are copy-protected and I've always been annoyed I couldn't rip them to my iPod. I finally sat down today to figure out a way around it. Turns out to have been really easy. So now Can's Tago Mago, Brian Eno's Before and After Science and Here Come The Warm Jets, the above-mentioned Tull album, and Carlos Kleiber conducting Beethoven's Sixth Symphony in 1983 are all available for listening on the go.

The only listening today has been Robert Fripp's Soundscapes performance in 2005 from Wolverhampton. I'm sure all these will be blogged about in more detail at some point....


Kirsten said...

Did you know that Jethro Tull will be at the Jube on September 25?

Jason said...

No, I did NOT, madam.